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Riverview Elementary

Karen Gibson-Media Specialist


Author of the Month


Each month a class will be selected to feature the author of the month for the next month.  The class will read a selection of work by the author and write a short summary on the author that will be posted on this page along with a picture of the collection of books by the author.  Check back each month for the new featured author.










                           Our first Author of the Month is Patricia

                           Polacco by Mrs. Levey’s third grade class.


We enjoyed reading the books by Patricia Polacco.  We discovered that Ms. Polacco writes many of her books based on childhood memories.  Our favorite book was Thunder Cake which is a story about a little girl who is afraid of a fast approaching thunderstorm.  This book showed how a grandmother was able to get the storm off her mind by having her collect all the ingredients for the cake and then help her bake it.  Ms. Polacco has many books written about her childhood.  Which is your favorite?

                                                       -Mrs. Levey’s 3rd Grade Class


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